Hey Ya'll!  Chef is on the road again!  Heading to Birmingham today to feed our 'family members' in need!  I cannot thank you all enough for your generosity, kindness, encouragement and love.  None of this would be possible without you.  We are an amazing team and I am sure we can keep the LOVE TRAIN rolling!  I hope to see you watching LIVE on my page today as we put your donations to good …Read More

  2. Walking in Memphis…

    Hey Ya'll!  Chef here feeling so blessed and wanting to pay it forward to our less fortunate brothers and sisters! God is SO good and so are all of my friends out there.  Thanks to all of you that have donated and the help of one large donation from an anonymous donor - me and the crew have hit the road and are heading out to Memphis TN to feed the less fortunate.   I am so overwhelmed by a…Read More


    Calling all friends of humanity-are you up to the challenge?  Chef here- asking my friends to commit to the $5 per week campaigne of giving to feed the less fortunate.  Thats not even a dollar a day out of our pockets that will feed countless brothers and sisters that have fallen on hard times.  A hot meal, some kind words and knowing that someone still cares and values you as a human being is …Read More

  4. Its no mystery….

    Hey Ya'll!  Chef here.  Just wanted to take a minute to answer a few questions about my signature Igotchu Seasonings and Signature Lemonades.  As you may have heard by now, my products will be available in select stores soon.  Each batch of my seasonings are hand made in small batches to ensure perfect blends and uniform taste.  They are packaged in the highest food/restaurant quality packag…Read More

  5. You say it’s your birthday…

    Happy Birthday to me!  Chef isnt big on birthday celebrations for myself, but I am so happy to celebrate my birthday with  many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in downtown Atlanta!  What better way to  celebrate this day than to surround myself and others with the spirit of giving!  Ya'll are too generous and keep asking me what I want for my birthday.  Well- my birthday wish is t…Read More

  6. Family Affair

    Hey Ya'll!  I wanted to talk to everyone about the importance of family.  Now in today's world, the word 'FAMILY' can mean different things to different people.  To me- nothing says FAMILY more than having my granddaughter, Victoria in the kitchen with me.  Passing on treasured family recipes, cooking techniques and stories of past loved ones is priceless.  I am starting her young and want h…Read More

  7. Feeding the less fortunate

    My passion is feeding the less fortunate. It is cold in Atlanta and I wanted to make sure that I was able to provide a warm and nutritious meal. Nothing warms my heart more than to make sure that I can lift this offering up to those in need.  Just to see the look on their faces and know that I have reached them in some way is the most amazing feeling. I have many that recognize and remember me an…Read More